Not-So-Traditional Flannel


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I can’t believe it’s fall, but the weather has been so beautiful, and my outfits haven’t had to be completely covered in a winter coat yet. We can only hope this means it will be a mild winter.

For this look,¬†I put together a few of my most recent outlet mall purchases with items I already own. Lately, I have been really into¬†Banana Republic’s clothing makeover — their basics are super soft and comfortable. They have had a lot of¬†sales to promote their new style, which is when I have been buying their stuff. This boxy shirt is from Banana¬†and was only around $15. I love the way it hangs on me, since I have shorter torso. As far as the pants, I got them thrifting awhile ago and was unsure if I could make the pajama-looking pants work appropriate, but I think with the right accessories (wedges, cute blouse & clutch), it is definitely doable. After all, remember when pajama pants were “in” back in the early 2000’s?

Then, these shoes! I am in love with them — they are real leather and from the Bass Outlet. This store is the best place to get leather boots and shoes at really great prices. These wedge sandals were seriously only $7. I will be pairing them with socks this fall and they’ll probably become my go-to shoe¬†all next summer. The bag was my grandmothers and has a cute little gold strap that you can hide in the bag or take out and use. I will always hold onto a classic piece like this.

This outfit makes it an easy transition from weekend to Monday!

Shirt: Banana Republic Outlets, Pants: Thrift Store, Shoes: Bass Outlet, Bag: Vintage


Refinery29 Style Stalking Panel


Pictured above from left to right, Christene Barberich, Piera Gelardi, Laura Brown, Aya Kanai & Preetma Singh

I attended Refinery29’s panel discussion on the arrival of their new book¬†Style Stalking,¬†at Apple Store Soho on Wednesday, and was very pleasantly surprised with the inspiration I got from this board of smart, successful women. Surprisingly though, not much of the hour-long discussion actually discussed much of the book, but offered a few tidbits of information. The authors of¬†Style Stalking, editor-in-chief Christene Barberich and executive creative director, Piera Gelardi, spoke of the depth of their street style book, how it goes beyond what someone is wearing, to style being the truest form of self expression. I couldn’t agree more. ¬†My style looks exactly how I feel each day, whether I am sad and wearing loose, baggy clothes, or if I am very excited and wearing bright patterns. Everyone in the discussion, who, by the way¬†¬†all rocked the lobs, expressed their own feelings about style, with some conversations getting a bit more philosophical.

Preetma Singh, the market director at¬†Nylon, who rocks amazing green hair,¬†got especially deep, having gone from the finance world into fashion. She says it is okay to be happy with prioritizing relationships, but it is also okay to prioritize your work. It is okay to be happy with working a 9-to-5 job everyday, and it is also okay to go out there and chase your dreams, which is what she did. She even discussed dyeing her hair green since her highlights were turning that hue anyways, saying it was a risk she took, but she didn’t care if other people liked it, as long as she did, and if she didn’t then they she can dye it back. Everyone needs to live their life according to what makes them happy; there is no right or wrong way to go about your life and your job. This was refreshing to me and helped me to be more aware of my priorities and going about living a life that I am proud of and happy to live.

Cosmopolitan’s fashion director,¬†Aya Kanai, discussed her path, having come from Nylon and moving to a magazine with a completely different audience. She said her style is most closely reflected by¬†Nylon,¬†rather than the more sexy look of a¬†Cosmopolitan¬†reader, but that she has no problem targeting to her new audience. As long as you know who your product is intended for and you are marketing to them, then you are on the right track.

One last point the girls made, that got me thinking and ready to clean out my closet, is about “closet purging.” Christene says she does this often, where she will go through her clothes and get rid of what she doesn’t love or doesn’t wear anymore. She says it helps to try things on so you really know how it looks on you, especially clothes you haven’t worn in a long time. It won’t always look as good on you as you might think. Aya goes through her closet once a year by putting all of her clothing on a clothes rack and looking through at her wardrobe through the eye of a shopper. If she wouldn’t buy it, then it’s time to get rid of it. Laura Brown, executive editor of¬†Harper’s Bazaar, says it’s good to let go and dispose¬†of what you don’t want anymore, whether it is your closet or other things in life, you need to get rid of the old¬†to make space for the new. HINT: If you want to go find their unwanted clothing, they all donate often to Beacon’s Closet in the city.

I hope I was able to depict just a glimmer of their inspiration and tips through my blog post and that you feel more encouraged to go out there and embrace your personal style. You can also listen to the podcast of this event on iTunes, which should be up soon from Apple Store Soho.

Here is a short summary of their event.









I have been traveling so much lately, so I’m sorry I haven’t posted in far too long. I met up with one of my best friends, Hilary, and her casual Friday outfit was so cute, I had to share. If you work in an office that allows for casual Fridays, then these ripped jeans paired with a nice leather jacket is the perfect combo. I am obsessed with her pants, which are from American Eagle, which is a surprisingly good place to find jeans. Her simple jewelry — a black wrap around bracelet adds a nice touch to the grungy, yet acceptable for the office, attire.

She brought along her foster husky, named Optimus Prime, which we fell in love with. Isn’t he so cute? He had his own photo shoot as well. ūüėČ


Leather Jacket: Michael Kors, Jeans: American Eagle

2 Cool 4 School

‚ÄúLife starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.‚Ä̬†

F. Scott Fitzgerald








 Whether you’re actually going back to school again or not, everyone still seems to share the feeling of inevitable change and newness that September brings. Now is the time to do things a bit differently. If you’re feeling stuck or in a rut, do something about it. Change always brings something new into your life, no matter if you initiated it or not, so you have to learn to accept and welcome it if you really want to be happy.

Well those are my thoughts of the day, since the fall is always so inspiring to me. This outfit is probably the last of my real summer outfits this year, but that‚Äôs alright because I can‚Äôt wait to get back to wearing sweaters and boots! Time for some shopping ūüôā
This shirt is a little funkier than I usually wear, which is probably why I like it so much. It feels good to step out of your comfort zone, no matter the situation. However, I am glad I don’t actually have to go back to school because I don’t think this outfit would be allowed. I love taking a mostly black and white ensemble (since black and white always goes together) and adding pops of color in unexpected places. 
The bracelet is a little gem I found years ago thrifting in New York City, my first week here. Supposedly it is from India, but who knows. It always adds a little edge to whatever I am wearing. I did start wearing my boots for the first time in a while. Wearing them with cute little socks showing is one of my favorite looks. Yet again, I am wearing my beloved backpack. This is my go-to bag right now and I will probably be using it for much of fall. 
Is anyone else as excited for fall as I am?

Tank: Express, Shorts: TJMaxx, Bracelet: Thrift Store, Boots: Kohl’s,¬†Backpack: Target, Lip Balm: Covergirl

Summer For Ever








It’s Labor Day weekend and still hot in New York City so I’m going to keep taking advantage of it while I can. Hanging at the park by my apartment, littered with the casualties of the¬†previous days¬†water balloon fight.¬†
This is one of my favorite dresses, from a boutique in Brooklyn, in the world’s most flattering royal blue. I’m also obsessed with these nail stickers I found at a strange store in the city — In God We Trust. I use one sticker for two nails so I can get a few uses out of them.¬†
Sneakers and backpacks are my current favorite accessories. Fun, crazy sneaker patterns are filling my shoe rack and honestly I find myself pairing them with almost any outfit. I love the mix of sporty and girly when I wear them with a dress or skirt. Best part is how comfy they are.
Is anyone else obsessed with this sneaker trend?
Dress: from Something Else On Fifth, Sneakers: Payless, Backpack: Target, Nail Stickers: Museum Nails Nail Wraps

Two Is Better Than One








Matching separates are super cute for summer. I haven’t been seeing too many being sold that I really liked, so it made me happy to finally find this set at TJMaxx in upstate New York.

Just like a dress, this kind of outfit makes it easy to get dressed in the morning because you already know what goes together!

The best part about the separates is you don’t have to wear them together and they can make up many different outfit combinations. I have worn these shorts with a white crop tank top, and with a t-shirt before. The top could go with denim shorts, paired a long, loose knit cable sweater over top. The opportunities are endless with this kind of outfit. I did have trouble deciding on a pair of shoes. Heels were too much with this set and I didn’t have any sneakers to match, so I went with the white sandals, which neutralize the look.

MAKEUP: I am wearing an amazing blue mascara that is perfect with any outfit. I especially love it for at the beach or by the pool with friends. Try Ciate’s new¬†Lash Lights. The lipstick is actually a liquid, try Stila’s¬†Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick, it really does last forever.

What I Wore. Matching Top & Shorts: TJMaxx, Sandals: A small store in Italy

It’s Elemental

it's_elemental_fashion_laydownSome basic elements for today’s look. Blue, yellow and red to compliment the black and white shoes. Shirt: T by Alexander Wang, Wedges: Reaction by Kenneth Cole, Nail Polish: Essie in Fishnet Stockings, Lipstick: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Rich Girl Red, Sunflower: From My Local Farmer’s Market.

I love having a flower in the house to brighten it up and sunflowers are easy to pick, super inexpensive to buy (mine was $1.50), and they last for a week!


Shake Shack Comes to Brooklyn







Shake Shack officially opened yesterday in downtown Brooklyn. Finally a place for a good, quick bite. Ryan (my roomie) and I couldn’t be more excited, each carrying home our own bag. I pretty much devoured that burger – but at least my nails are super cute!

And for what I’m wearing..¬†Dress: H&M, Bra: Free People — $20, Flip Flops: Charlotte Russe, Necklace: Swarovski, Nails:¬†Museum Nails Nail Polish Wraps¬†—¬†$14, Backpack: Target

Holey Summer


IMG_0488IMG_0490IMG_0638IMG_0472backpack_fashion_blogIMG_0510IMG_0494Ripped jeans and a crocheted white top with an open back is my idea of the perfect summer outfit. After work, that is. I’m actually addicted to open back tops & really dainty, thin bras lately.

Crochet Top: TJMaxx, Bra: Urban Outfitters — only $16,¬†Jean Shorts: American Eagle, Backpack:¬†Vince Camuto — on sale for $69, Glasses: Street Vendor for $5, Shoes: Payless x Lela Rose, Nails by: Arlene¬†@¬†Birchbox Soho